Thursday, August 18, 2005

Welcome to Pandora´s costume box of performances

According to myth, the first Athenian woman was Pandora. Unlike the first Athenian citizen, a male, the first Athenian woman, commonly known as Pandora, was crafted by Hephaestus in his forge. Athena provided Pandora with skills in the womanly arts and made her dangerous. Zeus, who ordered her creation, gave her as a gift and a curse to mankind. Thus Pandora can be said to have had three parents. Pandora is better known as the woman whose curiosity got the best of her when she opened the forbidden box out of which came all the evils of the world and one good, hope. Greetings fellow travellers and welcome to the magic of Pandora´s costume box. In here you will get the chance to choose from a variety of costumes, grown in my special herbarium, courtesy of some seeds the hermitess was kind enough to give me when I visited her and admired her greenhouse. I hope these will add just that special touch to your peformances. Please help yourself to whichever costume you would like. I will endeavour to collect together various accessories which I will store on the shelves. Please feel free to put your performances in here yourselves or send them to me, together with any images you would like included, and I will upload them to the box. Wardrobe Mistress


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